YouTube Video SEO and Website Video SEO
This is new era of internet marketing but Video VSEO is surely the next advancement in the field of seo. According to recent survey 38% of all US online users search for videos and 54% of online users using YouTube to search video and that’s the reason YouTube is the second largest search engine. With the growing demand of video there is an immense need of video optimization. Whether it’s a YouTube video or a web video, both needs to get optimized fully to make their way to search results in search engines.

Video SEO can be divided into two ways:

– YouTube Video Search Engine Optimization
– Web Video Search Engine Optimization

YouTube Video Search Engine Optimization

It makes lot of sense to do vseo for YouTube video as YouTube is 2nd largest search engine and the best source of all type of videos. Keyword research plays the most important role in the video vseo process.Video Billboards Micro Sites create back links for your YouTube Video page. Link juice is required to enhance your video vseo process. Embedding video to the Video Billboards is an important factor in vseo.

Web Video Search Engine Optimization

It is comparatively easier for YouTube videos to rank in search engine results as compare to the website video. Selecting best keywords then creating title, description and tags for video is similar as done is YouTube VSEO. The next is the usual VSEO of the webpage on which the video exist. The better the page would rank the better the video will appear in search results. All business now needs is a video presence on the internet. Create a video, publish it and then perform VSEO on it. A video can do all that you are still waiting for…

Video VSEO for Your Website
Because video has become the new darling of search engines, many startups are rushing to create and post video on their websites. Just run a Google or Bing search on any topic, and links to video clips pop up right on page one. The reason for this is that search engines are tripping over themselves to provide blended search resultsĀ­–links to news, blog posts, video and other specialized content all mixed together. To ensure video is included in the results, search engines give them preferential treatment.

This trend presents startups that are able to produce quality video content with tremendous video search engine optimisation (VSEO) opportunities. In fact, Research reports that compared with standard SEO techniques, a properly submitted video is 50 times more likely to achieve a first-page Google ranking. And because video is in such short supply, relative to other web-based content, the competition for search engine attention is less fierce.

Many startups and entrepreneurs are not yet taking full advantage of this opportunity. They are not using web based video WVSEO , are disregarding video VSEO, or are trying but doing it all wrong.

Old-school SEO combines text, meta data, a linking strategy and site maps to raise a page’s search engine profile and ensure proper indexing. These techniques fall short for video, which has no text to index.

Although developers are improving search engine technology for discovering video, search engines need help in identifying and properly indexing video content. You cannot rely on a web crawler or bot to discover your website’s video. Instead, you must submit your video following each search engine’s submission and XML-serialization guidelines.

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